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Striptease w/Tantric Expressions

Envea Dior


beautiful is the woman who knows peopole places and things dont define her. she is definedby her acts of loving kindness an generous heart - micheal chatman

Lights, camera, Action 
its Showtime

No Money .No honey..

  1. Dubai (AED)
    Dubai (AED)
    B2B- 1HR / 90MIN / 2 HR Bodyglide- 1HR / 90MIN /2 HR
  2. Florida
    Sinful Escape 40MIN-100... 120...1HR B2B 40MIN-165... 185...1HR Bodyglide 40MIN-175... 225...1HR 90MIN...260 2HR...425
  3. north america (USD)
    north america (USD)
    B2B- 40MIN-175... 210...1HR 90MIN...265 Bodyglide- 40MIN-195... 240...1HR 90MIN...285 2HR...335
  4. Canada, london (UK)
    Canada, london (UK)
    Sinful Escape -40MIN/1HR B2B- 40MIN/1HR Bodyglide- 40MIN/1HR
My main focus is you not one part of you but you as a whole,
many times ive been asked why not just provide full service the full thing you know?

  Those whom think that way should exit now dont think about presuing an experince with me because building is more important to me.

I say why cant you have a phanominal experinece without one idea clouding your mind, you have to remember there are other things that can strike your innerbeing besides just one thing.
Your mental for one your spirit for two an your overall wellbeing for three.
There are  lots of things envolved with your full body being released an it cant be based soley one thing, it has to contain  mind body an soul.

Those who have an idea try out an experince to get the jsst of things those who know exactly what im specking of take a walk on the wild side each of my experinces cater to different intensity levels.
I strive to deliver something untamed an can't be duplicated by any means.

My body will have you oozing euphoria with every peek of my touch I've mastered my art in Tantra an developed techniques to help your soul an mind connect in ways unimaginable. Each encounter is different an I prefer that I want your Experience to be as organic as possible.

Seek no further Sensual & Tantric have never looked so good, once you secure your appointment I'll be focused an dedicated until I finally get to devour you. From my sexy burlesque peep show I give to you an only you to my sultry Tantric expressions you can't possibly go wrong. I cater to the most respectful an upscale gentleman & couples whose seeking a simple thrill are just crave the unknown in there life utter bliss is by all means a fine line between the known an unknown reality an fantasy, pain an desire.

For all new friends i require  brief screening with verifacation.
As i want our encounter to be as stress free as possible 

The Experiences I offer, Mutual Touch for all Experiences minus Sinful escape
Burlesque peep show My mind altering show before you fall into my tantric hands will have you begging me to continue with the mind tease if you will I love dressing up for you an giving you the best an most high quality Experience from my lingerie to my garter belt I'll leave no stone unturned.-Included in all experinces Tips welcomed.

Sensual games fun times laughs wine & Peep show. This is one of the best ideas ever we share stories Tantric times & some good ol 1 on 1 Burselque peep show. Although the group limit is 4, peepshow an games are included Youll have the choice of including the Tantric experience with it as well,bundle of sorts if you will. Yes i cater to bachlor parties. Although the limit is 4 i recommend you an your closets friends are treat yourself to a 1on1experince. For groups of 4 i require a 35% deposit an everyone must submit to my screening form id like to know whom im meeting. Ill supply the lights music pole& games if youd like me to host the event as well i will charge more to reserve the proper venue. listed below include games& 1on1 Tantric Experince.

(1P-245 hour/ 2-485hour/ 3P-685hour/ 4P-hour 1400)

Sensual Intro 
This is an experience for the newbie someone whose not sure but knows what they want, simply put an Elite Tantric Experience gifted hands gifted body an sensual sounds & aromatherapy-

The Tease
An intense feeling of all your senses rushing threw you as you watch me preform a sensual mind tease set back an enjoy how I handle my body it will out you on edge -

Sultry Denial / Edging
Watch as I deny you your most endearment moment itll make your toes curl an hair stand, my technique will have you begging an when you can't stand it it'll go on a little longer. Until all the red flushes you when your moment is near it'll be the best feeling you'll ever encounter I can promise you that it'll be an Experience-
Body2Body Tantric Bodywork
the Best things aren't easily explained but I'll try, sun kissed skin, curves of a goddess, warm essential organic oils glistening in the dim light, sweet smells of my skin as I pull you closer our chemistry is roaring my hands cradle your every arch an sends your body into a euphoric daze. The tantric Experience I offer will have you enticed an confused all in one my experiences are based on you letting loose an going last your normal limits come on an open the door-

This has been copied over an over agian but rest assured never like this, when I began my BodyGlide Technic I noticed so many providers advertising for this but I felt it was just generic not of a quality stand point. I take my time acquainting myself to your body as you've done mine, greeting my hands in the places you've never knew could make you urge. You'll be glowing in organic sensual oils while I glow with you while dancing my Tantric body yours will simply crumble in the vigour of my talents your Experience can't be writing paper but felt in the air.



Double trouble
My rondevues are quite sensuous an may be to much to handle, but for that brave person who wants some sizzle with my pop.i frequently  get asked this alot an prefer to handle woman up to my delicate standards she must be classy an sweet she must be a bombshell in the daylight as well as the moon light. And she must be just as wonderful if not more. I frequtly tour/ have encounters with the 1 & only Shantel ***.
drinks & Tantric Talent


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Explicit language will not be tolerated when contacting me. 
As my taste are of the finer variety I prefer we meet at an upscale incall perferably my place for our first
encounter. This can change once trust has been established. 
Place your donation somewhere viasble as i wont ask for it table TV bathroom. When meeting in public, please greet me with a book or gift card containing donation.
Special clothing request are accepted.
Hygiene is important. Be fresh and well-groomed as I well do the same. 
NO DRUGS. I do not do drugs period. Please do not offer them or have them.
With first time friend I do not accept same day appointments. unless  verification has been completed.
Time extension is permitted as long as my schedule permits and you are able to take care of the additional fee.

Sensual FBSM full body sensual massage ebony Striptease Exotic dancing bodyrubs big boobs Bodywork tantric bodywork tantric expression