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Striptease w/Tantric Expressions

Envea Dior

A 44 invh bust and a lot of perserverance will get you more then a cup of coffe- alot more

 For the gentlemen whom need a little help treating a woman right!

This is a must if ive never met you before. Consests of your basic information as in your name age and ethnicity to secure appt youll need to provide verifacation, How to is found at the bottom. If you have an issue with that then you wont be able to see me.

Upon contacting me please offer a breif intro so i know whom im talking to as well this will help me secure any questions an your appointment if it permits

Please show up to your experience clean an showered even if a shower is offered its just a lot nicer to show up clean.

I do not have a cancelation policy as life does happen but if there is a situation where im waiting on you are cancel another appt due to no response are your neglet i will send you an invoice to take care of the time wasted. (its the least you can do)

I Love the enthusiasm but keep it subtle as im not a porn star nor a phone sex operator, if i dont know you are havent met you yet please Do Not contact me under those means i will ignore you. I do not respond to the following "sup"  ävalible" "QV?"  "hi baby" like seriously have some respect.

You seriously wouldnt hear a response from me if you try this. My rates have changed over the years for many reasons. 1 quailty has improved 2 more professinal apporach 3more bang for your buck ? so if you try an hassle my rates because it may are may not be out of your price range well by all means find someone who is in your price range. Im not a Flea market you cant just hassle me because you want to know what the hype is about it will not help your case.I even offer specials every now an then so that would be very unflattering.

The best way to contact me is via Text are email, an ill only respond back if an intro are screening has been provided. I dont answer calls i dont expect as i do have other things in my life i do an cant just answer random calls to go back an forth with a conversation that may not even lead to you securing your appointment.(im not trying to sound rude but i have to be honest as thats the best policy)

offer both i do not have a set charge for outcalls i will let you know your distance from me an if its reachable i trust you to be kind enough to tip accordingly, if im going the distance for you. My Incall if in orlando will be near S Downtown, centrally located near the airport altamonte an winter springs in a upscale area.

i Accept both CC/Cash,  although cash is prefered cc allows you to tip as you feel certian  

I dont care what race you are i ask it so i can identify you upon your appointment, as a Brown skinned provider i hate the discremination that goes on in the adult industy clients shouldnt be knocked down just because of there race,but in that same manner you must conduct yourselves accordenly ask the provider why? maybe it can be diffrent for you,most providers like myself dont care as long as you can provide the correct verifacation.

Same day Appointments?
Yes as long as youve submitted your screening /verify an i have time to secure your time/date no problem.

Expo Detials?
No i dont explain are go into detials about my experinces so dont book an appointment arrive an sit down to proceed to ask me a million questions as i wont engage, reviews website & google are your best friend at that point, if you see a refrence your unfamilair with google it,check my reviews search my profiles those will all help you. I try to keep my experinces as organic & natural as possible,asking me what to expect after going threw the whole screening/verifying process isnt ideal for me an if youve done your reasearch an your still lost just come in with an open mind an closed mouth dont worry i wont overstep any bounds unless you ask for it.  

What all do you do? 
Im not an Escort Period so i wont acknolwdge your "QV?" texts at all i provide Tantric an Extreme BodyWork (Trust me thats all you could handle with me).

Place them any where visable do not try an hand it to me as i dont want your experince to seem like a transaction if paying cc let me know ahead of time so i can send link accordenly.\

Yes i have two sexy woman that i could introduce you to for your picking of a 4 hand expo are a simple get together, the rate for a 4 hand is my rate doubled for the carmel delight expo are the glide.

Yes i dont mind any gifts i love chocolate,flowers an wine. As well some 4/20 rec isnt oppesed either!

when booking are securing anything with me i dont offer discounts for reviews are negotions for that sorry?

Whats verifacation?
  This is as listed above a way for me to prove your identity without being so intrusive. I.E. TER , P411, Eccie. Each of these can be used to verify yourself an i will follow up with a email an youll confirm it. if you have a handle for such sites as USAsexguide this isnt a verfiable handle due to the many false reviews an comments provided by other clients i no longer accept that alone as a verifacation, P411 TER ECCIE are the only sites where i can accept the handle alone. If you do not have this  are unfamiliar your welcome to submit one of the following which is also less intrusive I.E. Business card (your name has to be present) Linkined profile (must have at least 150+ connections) those are the most effecent if no card your busniness email works fine.

Sensual FBSM full body sensual massage ebony Striptease Exotic dancing bodyrubs big boobs Bodywork tantric bodywork tantric expression